GMP Temperature Mapping of Fridges, Freezers & Warehouses


GMP Temperature Mapping is the process of recording the temperature of  controlled storage areas such as a pharmaceutical warehouses, fridges and freezers on a 3 dimensional plain. That is at the top, bottom, sides, in the middle and in any location likely to have temperature variations such as near a doorway.  In warehouses, fridges and freezers temperature variations can be expected near air vents, doors, packing areas etc..

It is important to understand where these hot and cold spots are so you can monitor your most vulnerable areas, ensuring all your goods are stored at the correct temperature.


CoolPac’s temperature mapping equipment is wireless, so cold storages of all sizes can be mapped simply, cost effectively and in real time. Using information downloaded,  we prepare protocols, analyse data, develop reports, and undertake ongoing routine temperature mapping.

Authorities such as the TGA, require the temperature of products being stored,  to be stored at the “recommended” storage on the label of the products eg. “store at 2 to 8 deg C” . Govt. agencies conduct audits to ensure compliance of this.


CoolPac has used temperature mapping studies to help clients in a variety of industries to understand their equipment capabilities. Understanding their Cold Storage areas has allowed them to…

  • Organize storage so that goods are better matched to temperature zones.
  • Improve operating efficiency.
  • Improve storage efficiency.
  • Ensure product quality.
  • Meet government expectations.
  • Have peace of mind

For those who prefer DIY, CoolPac has developed a cost effective and easy to use DIY Temperature Mapping Kit.