Cold Chain Packaging & Temperature Mapping

Cold Chain Consulting

CoolPac are temperature monitoring specialists, providing services including cold chain qualification,  equipment validation and cold chain consulting. Let us develop your cold chain quality system and help with your cold chain validation today.


Olivo Insulated Shipping Container

CoolPac’s range of Olivo insulated containers and shippers are passively refrigerated. They assist in making your cold chain manageable, effective, flexible and cost effective. Eliminating the need for refrigerated vans & trucks. Wheel them  straight off your truck into the delivery destination.



CoolPac sells Temperature Data Loggers for single or multiple use. We also provide services such as Temperature mapping for cool rooms warehouses & freezers . CoolPac has also developed DIY temperature mapping kits, a cost effective way to do your temperature mapping.



CoolPac specialises in temperature controlled packaging for the pharmaceutical, life science & food industries. Our range of pre-qualified Polyurethane Insulated Shippers allow you to ship cold chain goods, such as: blood, & vaccines for trip durations up to 6 days.


wirelessTemperatureLogs (1)
CoolPac provides  wireless temperature monitoring systems for warehouses, cool rooms and freezers. These systems include audit trails, remote monitoring and a cascading alert system to your email or by SMS.

Warehouse Wireless Temperature Monitoring


temperature stickers
Thermal Indicators are adhesive stickers which activate when the temperature reaches certain point eg freezing point. They are a cost effective way to see if your product has stayed within its temperature range along the cold chain.

Single Use Temperature Excursion Indicator.


USB temperature data logger
ITAG USB temperature loggers are small single use loggers for 15, 30 or 60 day temperature logging.  The ITAGPro does not require any additional software to read the reports once the logger is received. Simply plug it into your computer USB port

Single Use Temperature Reporting.


GPS & Wireless temperature loggers can be used in vehicles, fridges and freezers to monitor  temperature. This system provides real time monitoring, alarms. See where your trucks and vehicles are and what the temperature inside the vehicle is.

Courier or Fleet Application.